Care By Design Market donated the proceeds of our annual festival of the trees event to LSSU. The money will be used by the School of Science and Medicine to support the Cannabis Chemistry program by purchasing new equipment for their cannabis production and processing laboratory. We are excited to continue this new relationship with LSSU and keep supporting their cannabis program.

In other news, we are preparing to open the first store fronts of our sister company, Freshwater Cannabis Co. In Sault Ste. Marie and Baldwin, Michigan. We are working to help employ students in LSSU’s Cannabis programs to help them gain valuable experience in their field. For updates on our openings and to snag the newest Fresh Water gear visit our website ( and sign up for our e-mailing list.

Fresh Water Cannabis Company is building the premier, vertically-integrated cannabis company that will be locating stores in Michigan with the intention of delivering high-quality products and helping our communities. Fresh Water Cannabis company is starting a foundation, Fresh Water Cannabis Foundation.

Our foundation is a small team that is aiming to help rectify the injustices that have been caused by the prior prohibition of cannabis. There has been immense disparity in how the effects of prohibition impacted different communities across the United States, and we hope to lend a hand to negatively impacted communities and grow with them as we do it.

About Care By Design Market:

Founded in 2019, we earned our success by operating with the highest integrityand making innovative products with unparalleled efficacy. Intent on harnessing the full power of cannabis, wepioneered CBD to THC ratios that deliver powerful relief, amplified by science. Backed by a team of expertcultivators, in-house scientists and caregivers, Care By Design exists to radically improve the lives of individualsand raise the baseline wellbeing of our communities.

CONTACT: Jennifer Jones